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We are Saverio and Martina, photographers, travelers, activists, and videomakers. Always Ithaka is our travel and sustainability blog, a window to the world and its wonders that we hope will inspire change towards ethical and sustainable tourism and lifestyles.

Why did you decide to support GECO? Because, like Always Ithaka, GECO focuses on making the world a better place by promoting sustainability in all its forms.
Green Tech, ethical tourism, renewable energy, and sustainability are central and important issues not only for professionals in the field but for all the people who want to help save the world, for present and future generations.


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                                            Lupi in giro – travel blogger

Hi, I’m Luna, and “Lupi in giro” is my travel blog, a dream that I have wanted to come true ever since I was 19! I specialise in Italian destinations that can be visited in a day or a weekend. I love to blog about what I call destinations “beyond the usual destinations”. Unusual places, or places that are less known, itineraries that will bring you far from the madding crowd and off the usual tourist routes. I also love authentic villages. I am constantly looking for new emotional and sensorial experiences, that’s why my motto is “The thrill of travel, beyond your usual destinations!”

Why did you decide to support GECO? I decided to support GECO because its philosophy resonates with my way of travelling. Promoting the new trend of experiential tourism is a mission to which I am happy to contribute. For us travellers, it is becoming increasingly essential to establish a connection with our destination, to experience it in a more authentic and emotional way, but above all from a sustainable perspective, to safeguard our future.


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And Luna’s article about slow tourism in Sardinia

                                            Italien Lover – hospitality consultancy

Italienlover is the go-to consultancy for hotels and facilities in Italy that seek to attract remote workers. Italienlover combines a strong background in new work with an intimate knowledge of the country and the growing demand for slow and sustainable travel.

Why did you decide to support GECO? We are supporting GECO because we believe in sustainable choices when it comes to tourism. Many places in Italy have suffered a lot from tourism but visitors are becoming more and more mindful and are looking for possibilities to experience Italy in a responsible way. We are convinced that the GECO’s vision, mindset, and values bring together the right people and ideas to make traveling – not only in Italy – more fun and mutually beneficial for everyone.


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                                            Girelliamo – traveller

Girelliamo was born from Ylenia and Davide’s common love for travel. She is a lover of the city, fashion, and social media, while he who enjoys old traditions and being in touch with nature. Two different lifestyles for one shared passion: discovering places and wonders around the world and exploring other countries’ traditions and cultures.

Why did you decide to support GECO? When we travel, our main rule is not to follow the classic tourist itineraries but to “wander” to discover the true essence of the place we are visiting. We like to visit the town’s craftsman shop, eat in the tavern that still cooks traditional recipes, talk to the locals and listen to old stories. This is why we decided to support GECO, because it is important to rediscover experiential and sustainable tourism. A beautiful project that will give visibility those who support a kind of tourism that is still authentic, focusing on the traveller’s emotions and on creating memorable experiences.


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                                            Rossella Cavalluzzo – traveller

Travelling has always been one of my greatest passions because it allows me to escape from everyday life, discover unique places, and learn about local traditions and customs, immersing myself fully in the local culture.

Why did you decide to support GECO? I chose to support GECO because I think it is a wonderful initiative that offers very interesting ideas for those who, like me, love to travel and want to keep on doing it, as soon as possible, respecting the environment and saving our planet, one small gesture at a time.


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                                            Caos Creativoh – traveller

My name is Ludovica and I adore travelling. I like to call myself a “soul traveler” because what I love the most during my travels is exploring the heart of every place and of the people who live there, to bring home stories, flavours, colours, music, and harmonies. I favour a completely unconventional travel style, which can fully reveal the wonderful facets of the human being and the nature that surrounds us!

Why did you decide to support GECO? I chose to support GECO because I strongly relate to the its goals: experiential tourism, sustainable and environmentally aware, the enhancement of the Italian territory, and awareness of the challenges in technology and renewable energies. All of these issues are vital and urgent and they deserve our time and attention!


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                                            Il mondo dal finestrino – travel blogger

My name is Maria, I am 38 years old and I live in Belluno, in the heart of the Dolomites. Dreamer, a little romantic, a traveler and hyperactive. Cat lover and full moon sensitive! I love the mountains but I also dream of the sea. My blog “The World from the Window” is based on the concept of how the world appears to us from this perspective: the view from the window passes us at the right speed to enjoy its beauty and get in touch with the real people of the place visited. It can be the window of a bus that travels between the cities of Europe or on dusty roads in Africa, or that of a train or even of a plane where you can pass through the sky but entering it slowly and deeply. A mini guide to consult where you can find ideas on low cost travel to discover curiosities and traditions, always finding the most unusual information on the countries visited.

Why did you decide to support GECO? I decided to support Geco as a Contributor, because I deeply believe that travel should enrich yourself and also the place you visit. For this reason, the countries that are visited when doing tourism must be respected and protected. I am dedicating most of my projects to the development of experiential and slow travels. Sustainability and slow tourism are my goal and GECO matches my travel beliefs.

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                                           aliceful | vedere verde – sustainable advisor

Alice, a couple of years ago dropped everything and left with a one-way ticket. He has traveled and worked between Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia. Today, she writes about slow and authentic journeys, built on the value of experiences and the economy of human relationships. She tells about how to live and travel low-cost, including sharing apps and online communities, in search of unique encounters with local realities and the cultural identity of each destination. She works as a Social Media Strategist supporting companies that embrace social and environmental causes. Her green project “aliceful | vedere verde ” is dedicated to the discovery of alternative, sustainable and ethical lifestyles.

Why did you decide to support GECO? Telling about sustainability is a mission for me. I am happy to be able to support this fair which aims to connect companies and people who believe in a sustainable present and future, being respectful of the environment. It is essential to educate about these topics , each of them is a new, interesting and responsible world to discover! Each of us can be part of this revolution.

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                                           Scomfort zone- Trek and Local Experiences

My name is Mattia, I am an Environmental Guide and Tour Leader, and a few years ago I ended up in my  No Comfort Zone (so in italian I say Scomfort).
In recent years, the slow journey has taken me along the roads of Europe, South America, Africa and the Middle East, through the faces of people and their local traditions.
In my blog I propose trekking and trips in Italy and abroad where you can experience meaningful and conscious experiences in contact with local realities.

Why did you decide to support GECO? Easy! Because GECO is everything I’ve been waiting for. A place to meet those who speak my same language, that of travel experiences, slow and sustainable tourism.
I am convinced that networking and discussing in a common space is the beginning to face a path of change and innovation.

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                                            Viaggio AnimaMente – travel blogger

My name is Sara and I love doing things, meeting people, discovering places. After a specialist degree in Tourism Economics in Rimini and almost two years of experience in Legambiente (Ancona office), I emigrated to Tuscany for six years. Here in 2010 I started working in Tourist Web Marketing, specializing in Social Media Marketing within a Tour Operator. A fantastic springboard that allowed me to become a freelancer. Now I am a Social Media Marketing Specialist, Web Content, Travel Writer and Freelance Travel Blogger with particular attention to the best practices of Responsible, Sustainable Tourism and everything that is “green”. I have been a vegetarian for many years, practicing yoga and for two and a half years I have also been Viola’s mother. I define myself as someone who loves to live and travel “slow”. On my blog Viaggio AnimaMente I launched #iovolontarionelmondo my hashtag to share my love for volunteer travel. My diet is always in the balance between real life and dreams. Particular signs: I am from Aquarius!

Why did you decide to support GECO? I chose to support this fair because it follows my travel and life philosophy. Let’s make our today a little more sustainable and we will certainly have a better tomorrow. During my experience in Legambiente I had the luck and the opportunity to fall in love with topics such as renewable energy, sustainable mobility, innovation and experiential tourism. It looks like a fair tailored for me! Come on GECO, unity is strength. I’m happy to have discovered you!

Here the blog Viaggio AnimaMente

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                                           BeLocal – travel community

BeLocal Italia is a community of “Local” travelers, that is experts of a place because they live it or because they have lived it. The Local promotes its territory and as an expert it shows and reveals secrets or gives “tips” that can make the traveler’s visit a more authentic experience. We give anyone interested in this kind of tourism promotion the opportunity to contact us and write an article (or more) following simple guidelines so that the visitor’s experience of our blog is easy to read. The project was born with the ambition to create a collector of ideas and advices that, coming directly from those who live in the territory, are the input for the growth of a new way of traveling, made of discovery and re-discovery, between authenticity and local traditions and, why not, also good food.

Why did you decide to support GECO? We have chosen to support GECO because its philosophy, like ours, is based on adherence to the concept of Sustainable Tourism, embodied for us in the “proximity tourism” mantra. The proximity journey, in addition to being sustainable from the point of view of the actual movement, in the sense that physically closer destinations are reached, is also sustainable from an economic point of view because it will be able to give life to a “circular market” that in the long term can positively affect both the well-being of our planet and our portfolio!

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                                           Flavia Cifonelli – traveller

Hi, I’m Cif, a solo traveler! I love to travel and I strongly believe in the potential of travel as a tool to improve yourself…and the world!
On my social media channels and in my Travel Blog “Let’s go to a new place”, online in January 2021, I try to promote a different approach to the usual way of traveling: a new philosophy of travel, of life, which focuses more on the quality of experiences than quantity, to get to know a place more authentically, living like the locals and immersing oneself fully in their culture.
I therefore propose unusual and experiential trips as new possible alternatives to today’s tourism, leading you to discover unusual places, uncrowded and immersed in nature, from small historic Italian villages to the most beautiful destinations in Southeast  of Asia.

Why did you decide to support GECO? I decided to support GECO because I think it is an experience full of food for thought and because I believe it is now essential to try to build the “tourism of tomorrow” right from the start: more responsible and sustainable!

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                                           Torzeando – travel blogger

My name is Sara and Torzeando – which in the Friulian language means “wandering” – is my travel blog. First of all I want to promote my land because after so much exploration around the world I rediscovered how unique and wonderful it is; I also support and encourage eco tourism and responsible tourism and try to live every day in the least impacting way possible on the environment.

Why did you decide to support GECO? I want to support and participate to GECO because I want to meet and interact with people who have the same values as me, such as love for our land and the search for a better future, made of respect for the environment and for others. I would like to help in my small way to “leave this world better than how I found it before”.

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Valentina Kimberly | La vie en green –  Sustainability advisor and Climate activist

I’m Valentina, I love to explore this planet and I believe that a better future is possible. After graduating in Modern Languages, I decided to combine my passion for travel with my interest in sustainability by leaving for Indonesia, where I would record a documentary on the environmental emergency in progress. With the arrival of the pandemic, my project was put on stand-by; so I decided to take advantage of my free time to prepare myself to attend a Master in Management of Sustainable Development and give life to La vie en green. Incite awareness: this is my mission. I currently create content that can inspire and help anyone who wants to become aware of what is happening and how they can reduce their impact on this Earth.

Why did you decide to support GECO? I chose to support GECO because I deeply recognize myself in its values ​​and objectives: sustainable, conscious, experiential and innovative tourism: this is for me the ideal travel model of the future. I am happy to be the spokesperson for a project that will allow authentic realities and slow explorers to create new connections and small, great transformations!

Here the profile La vie en green

                                           Passione Alto Adige- travel community

Passione Alto Adige was born with the aim of promoting South Tyrol at 360 °, with an eye to sustainability and in full respect of nature. The project was born with the aim of giving life to the idea of ​​a “sustainable” Alto Adige, which looks at the territory not as something to be “exploited” economically or touristically; but to be enhanced in every point.
In a frenetic world, where everything flows at great speed and people have little time to be able to look around and discover the beauties of the territory and the nature that surrounds them, Passione Alto Adige wants to become a reference point for all those who want to rediscover themselves and nature.

Why did you decide to support GECO? We have decided to support GECO because, like us, it aims to enhance sustainable tourism, where the territory (in all its facets) is respected and valued, not exploited. We think that each of us in our own small way can do something to contribute to the protection of our planet, and GECO is the right answer if we want to promote sustainability in all its forms.

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                                         Silent Earth Warriors- sustainable community

The Silent Earth Warriors are people and organizations together, who with micro missions aim for great results in a world aimed at sustainability!
Our favorite hastags are #plantCLEANair and #noplastic which we transfer both within companies and towards young warriors with training and information actions in summercamps and associations. The Group helps create useful links with various environmental experiences, including in the form of webinars and missions, to stimulate their integration into the organizational and social environment. We give new warriors a guide on their first steps, monitor green funding, catalyze the focus on sustainable activities and share growth actions online.

Why did you decide to support GECO? GECO combines two passions: tourism and sustainability and does it with energy and participation. The roots of the territory look towards the future with technological charm. GECO allows you to dream and act. A vital combination and a great opportunity in this particular historical moment. A warrior lives by acting, not thinking of acting, and not even thinking about what he will think when he has finished acting (Carlos Castaneda). GECO is therefore also a warrior. Our motto: “A warrior is strong, more warriors are invincible”.


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