The success of GECO EXPO 2021 has aroused wide interest among sustainability experts and enthusiasts and above all great interest in the 2022 edition of the first-ever virtual sustainability trade show.

GECO EXPO 2022 will offer an improved programme, with plenty of new features both on the platform and in the contents.

Many exhibitors and expected events related to sustainability and the protection of our planet. In fact, we will address some of the most important issues that revolve around the objectives of the Green New Deal, focusing on circular economy, renewable energy, and eco-food, for the responsible production and consumption of agri-food products.

Furthermore, one of the main themes of the first edition, sustainable tourism, will be more closely linked to the preservation of biodiversity and the idea of travel as experience and discovery, respectful of local populations and traditions. Finally, new lifestyles will be discussed, based on new forms of mobility and sustainable business travel, as well as the future outlook of Smart Cities.

Many expert speakers will be featured in this edition. The full roster will be disclosed as the organisation progresses!

Watch the round tables of GECO EXPO 2021