How can you live your holidays with the eyes of a local? Is it possible to dive into the traditions and culture of a town by exploring and discovering hidden beauties that only those who live there can know? A clear desire: to grasp the spirit of the place and take home with you an indelible memory and, more importantly, pass it on to others.

We will discover new ways of making sustainable tourism through: cycle tourism, green way, cycle paths, bike sharing and in general “soft” mobility. We will address the issue of Smart mobility cities, panoramic railways where high speed will give way to slow tourism.

Walks into nature, medieval villages, family routes in an Italy yet to be discovered. An immense heritage to be valorized, a heritage made of traditions, customs, crafts, values ​​that must not be forgotten but instead exalted. How do we do it? Discovering and knowing the many realities that want to promote a form of authentic tourism, not standardized but based on the emotions and true & authentic experiences of travelers.

In this area we will welcome those realities that have made sustainable experiential tourism their mantra.

During GECO, we will discuss practices and choices that do not harm the environment and promote a sustainable economic development. A thematic area in which there will be a storytelling of the beautiful destinations that are ready to be discovered, because it is important to make travelers feel involved in a story.

We will talk about new technologies designed to support the tourist attractiveness of such territories.

We will discuss the “tourist VS traveler” topic and how the way of living the travel experience changes depending on how the journey itself is approached.

Protagonists: promotion organizations, travel agencies, DMCs, tour operators, tourism product intermediaries, business travel operators, transport carriers, startups, hospitality companies, sustainable tourism operators and travel bloggers.

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