Written on 28 January 2021

Here we go, GECO Expo begins, the first major online fair on sustainability. An entirely Italian organization, for an international event, which aims to unite many different realities with the common goal of relaunching the economy in a new way, combining development and the respect for the environment. It will be an unmissable opportunity for companies and professionals, innovators and startuppers, public bodies and private citizens to meet each other and discuss the biggest issues that will shape our future. But what exactly will happen during these three days of meetings on our virtual platform? Let’s take a look at the program!

Debates, observatories and round tables: these are the issues which are important to us

We have prepared a full program of unmissable events for you, to give professionals from various sectors the opportunity to tell how sustainability can be declined within their own industries. Each round table will be moderated by leading figures from the involved professional fields or from the media sector. We will talk, for example, about climate action and energy transition with experts from various industrial / commercial and scientific fields (January 28 at 9.45 am) and about digital and sustainable transformation with entrepreneurs and innovators who apply it to their work (January 30 at 10.00 am). We have also dedicated several meetings to the tourism industry, during which professionals in this sector will discuss future scenarios with experts from various scientific and technical fields: we will talk about sustainable and biodiverse experiential tourism (January 28 at 12.15 pm), redevelopment and promotion of tourist destinations through sustainability and biodiversity (again on January 28, at 3.00 pm) and sustainable models for Business Travel (January 29 at 11.00 am). Speaking of tourism, of course, we will also discuss the topic of mobility, in particular focusing on the relationship between soft mobility and sustainable tourism (January 29 at 5.00 pm) and on how the bicycle can be a resource for the recovery and revitalization of the tourism sector (January 28 at 5.00 pm). We have dedicated a section on the analysis of the bicycle world, (again on January 28 at 11.15 am), focused specifically on the Bike Economy. Speaking of mobility, of course, a round table dedicated to the future of electric mobility could not be missing (on 29 January at 9.30 am). In conclusion, we also dedicated a specific meeting to the theme of the Smart Cities of the future (January 29th at 3.00 pm).


Our exhibitors and buyers

The purpose of participating in a trade fair, of course, is that to be able to meet professionals, companies and representatives of industries with whom interact or create new professional connections. This is why we invite you to visit our exhibitors list, discovering all the companies, public bodies and industrial groups that have joined our initiative. We have divided them into four macro-areas of interest, so that they can be easily identifiable: tourism, energy, mobility and green tech are the categories that you will find in our database. In these areas you will not fail to meet a great variety of companies and professionals operating in the most diverse fields, from shared mobility to experiential tourism, from sustainable energy to circular economy, but also government agencies in charge of tourism coming from various countries including Spain, Israel, Finland and the United Arab Emirates.

Our sponsors

A final mention is dedicated to our sponsors, who have made possible the realization of this ambitious event, a one of a kind and certainly pioneering new way of networking. GECO Expo has the patronage of the Municipality of Milan and the National Tourism Agency, but it also counts on the support of many sponsors and partners who have enthusiastically joined the initiative, supporting it on several levels. Special thanks goes to our Golden Partner, Mazda, and to our Main Partner, Travel For Business. And of course to all our institutional partners, which you can find here.