GECO EXPO is the biggets VIRTUAL Fair on sustainability which will have as its main themes: tourism, mobility, energy, eco-food and circular economy but also all other issues related to the Green New Deal. Thanks to the latest generation technology Hypersmarter, a platform for trade shows and virtual events, diving into an alternative world to the real one, and in safety, has become possible. Thanks to our platform it will be possible to connect and interact anywhere during the virtual fair: all you need is an internet connection and a device.


Connecting during the four days of the expo, it will be possible to download brochures, interact with stands and participants, attend round tables with national and international experts on sustainability issues and participate in special awards dedicated to the new leaders of sustainability.

There will be three types of participants at GECO EXPO: exhibitors, buyers and visitors, who will turn into 3D avatars once they enter the platform:

  • Exhibitors who have purchased their own stand will be able to customize it in its entirety by having access to multiple interactive tools such as live chat, video calls, with the unique possibility of interacting with their avatar with buyers and visitors visiting their stands.


  • Access is free for visitors and buyers upon registration on the platform. Thanks to our integrated technology it will be possible to customize your avatar, interact within the fair, download useful materials, attend round tables and awards, expand your network and much more.
  • Buyers will also have the opportunity to book appointments with exhibitors through a calendar tool before the start of GECO Expo which will take place from 1 to 4 March 2022 and thus interact with the stands of their interest and in an organized way.


  • Sponsors will be able to obtain visibility, network, strengthen their brand reputation and show themselves as leaders of sustainability in a landscape increasingly oriented to the protection of our planet, through dedicated spaces both before the virtual fair, through interviews and dedicated articles both during, inside the platform.



Saving the planet with sustainable choices also passes through GECO EXPO… starting from your home!

GECO EXPO has been designed for a user friendly approach: it’s as easy as joining your favorite social network platform!