How to participate in Geco: buyer, exhibitors, and visitors

Written on 1 January 2021

GECO Expo is now about to begin, very little is missing for the inauguration of our event! As the first major online fair on sustainability, we are thrilled to welcome numerous companies, countless professionals, but also institutions and a large audience of citizens interested in this topic and we have provided a tailor-made mode of participation for each category. We are ready to talk about sustainable mobility, the redesign of urban spaces, new practices in the tourism and travel industries, alternative energy and environmental policies. How can you participate in Geco Expo? By now you should know, you access via a virtual platform and then you’ll be able to explore the 3D spaces of the fair with your avatar. Today we will talk about the three ways through which it is possible to interact within our fair. Depending on their needs, in fact, participants can register as exhibitors, buyers or visitors. Below you can find the differences related to each role.

Become a GECO exhibitor

If you have a company, startup or product to present, becoming an exhibitor offers you the opportunity to get in touch with new potential customers, to test the market and to get direct feedback in relation to the needs of your audience. You will also be able to present your brand and ideas to intermediaries coming from various sectors, which will allow you to optimize your entry into key markets such as energy, travel or mobility. The platform is organized in such a way as to allow you to dynamically manage your schedule of commitments, booking meetings with the buyers that interest you the most, with whom you can get in touch by searching for them based on specific criteria, to reach exactly the most suitable target for you. By attending the scheduled workshops and panels and speaking directly with the other exhibitors, you will also discover new and very useful networking opportunities. What are you waiting for? Book your virtual stand now and customize it graphically, setting all interactive options and uploading your promotional materials, to access a carefully selected community.

Attend Geco as an Exhibitor

Become a GECO Buyer

The “buyer” profile is one of the most interesting news of GECO Expo. This mode of participation is free, but offers many of the interactive options that, at trade fairs, are normally reserved to a higher price range. This mode is particularly suitable for professionals, insiders and small businesses, who have to carefully consider the possibility of participating in events of this kind due to the standardized high costs. Buyers will be able to access many useful functions on our 3D platform, including the ability to interact directly with exhibitors, book and manage private appointments on the agenda, have an interactive personal calendar and even have a fast track when it comes to requesting services and private consultancy. This mode of participation is recommended for those who are looking for new opportunities of professional collaboration.

Attend GECO Expo as a visitor 

Participating as a visitor to GECO is very simple, you just need to register, for free, and then you can explore our fair in all its parts and attend the events and workshops. This is the most recommended method for those who, while not working directly with sustainability, are interested in discovering new solutions and new products that can make daily life, office management, holidays or city mobility more “green”.