Mobility in our cities appears to be anything but sustainable and integrated. So how we could limit and decongest urban traffic? How to make business trips reduce CO2 emissions and the increase of fine particles? Which are the virtuous travel destinations in Italy that overcome these issues?

This thematic area is based on mobility, sustainable business travel and smart cities.

The issue of sustainable mobility is a hot topic that is being addressed especially in recent years with concrete choices by companies and local and municipal authorities in Italy. In GECO we will know which are the definitive solutions for cutting-edge urban systems to be adopted in the Italian territory, taking a cue from the most virtuous countries in Europe and understanding the opportunities to integrate the new ride and car sharing services with traditional services and local public transport to give citizens and travelers the opportunity to choose the best way to travel in relation to need and spending capacity, limiting traffic and polluting emissions..

With regard to electric mobility, with GECO we will have the opportunity to meet with the experts to understand the solution about development of electric transport in Italy: private, public, company fleets, proximity vehicles and shared transport.

We will deal with the topic of green business travel and the new challenges to create mobility systems aimed at sustainability. During GECO we will find out what are the main trends of Italian companies in terms of green travel. What is being done to reduce harmful emissions and how Covid-19 will influence the choices of Italian business travelers on sustainability issues in the future. We will understand the real opportunities and obstacles, but also the main objectives to support green business tourism and influence the way people plan and book travel.

An interesting starting point will be the issues related to Smart Cities, so we will focus on what the cities of the future will be like and how they will be efficient, modern and able to innovate while respecting the environment and people. We will discover the social solutions for urban and environmental redevelopment and which will resolve the priorities of environmental, energy and mobility emergencies.


Protagonists: local administrators, business organizations, directors and managers of transport companies, mobility operators and agencies, service companies, user and consumer associations, private mobility companies, soft mobility companies, sharing mobility companies. GECO will host multiple start-ups that bring innovation to the event and international realities.


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