What is this era characterized by? Certainly from climate change which represents its main challenge. The energy world is changing rapidly and thanks to the growth of renewable sources, savings and energy efficiency in all sectors we will be able to enhance our planet’s progress in an increasingly sustainable way. GECO’s commitment will be that to focus on this thematic area and discuss all issues related to the use of increasingly sustainable energies adopted by green companies and make them known to the general public and, above all, to the stakeholders involved in the technology sector related to the progress of infrastructures and industrial methods.

We will explore topics ranging from national energy scenarios to energy costs, we will support companies and public entities in communication in the planning and scheduling of workshops on issues relevant to this topic. Round tables in which the topics will be the new trends from the world of sustainability such as the energy transition and new technologies with low environmental impact that help citizens and travelers in everyday processes.

We will learn from experts that our contribution can be directed towards the safeguard of the planet by using renewable energy.

Protagonists: utilities, software companies, energy users, energy managers, PA, sector professionals, energy management experts, energy production companies, architects, institutional stakeholders.
GECO will host multiple start-ups that bring innovation to the event and international realities.

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