What is this era characterized by? Certainly from climate change which represents its main challenge. The world of energy is changing rapidly and, thanks to the growth of renewable sources, savings and energy efficiency in all sectors, we will be able to advance our planet in an increasingly sustainable way. The commitment of GECO EXPO will be to address all issues related to the use of renewable resources and energy used by companies and startups in this thematic area and make them known to the general public. We will also undertake to involve the “actors” of the technology sector linked to the progress of infrastructures and industrial methods that are adopting new processes to slow down the effects of climate change.

Protagonists: utilities, software companies, energy eaters, energy managers, PA, sector professionals, energy management experts, energy production companies, architects, institutional stakeholders. GECO EXPO will also host multiple start-ups that bring innovation to the event and international realities.

The transition to an energy production system based on renewable energies is fundamental to guarantee a future for the planet, discover how the Circular Economy plays an equally important and complementary role in this change.

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