GECO EXPO 2021 proved to be a hub of ideas and confrontations on the theme of sustainability thanks to its 65 professional speakers in the sector who shared their experience and know-how on the various themes proposed in the 2021 edition, bringing new points of view, presenting technologies and services and above all by opening debates for a sustainable future which we will have resumed in this second edition 2022.

For GECO EXPO 2022 we want to welcome more and more exponents and spokespersons of sustainability who, thanks to their professionalism, will make it possible to create an increasingly attentive green community and have the opportunity to show their “green expertise”.


GECO EXPO, will be held from 1 to 4 March 2022 in virtual mode, is open to applications for the next expert speakers of sustainability in the fields of EcoFood, Renewable Energy, Mobility & Business Travel, Sustainable tourism & MICE, Circular Economy and themes related to the objectives of the Green New Deal!

You can send your application as a speaker by filling out the form below.

NB. The speech and / or themes proposed for the round tables must be informative and original for GECO EXPO.