GECO EXPO brings together the world of Italian and international innovation, acting as a promoter of sustainability and related innovation, with the aim of creating new business and development opportunities in a virtual environment.

Following the first edition held in January 2021, in which the Smart Talk contest was created in which various national and international startups participated as exhibitors, the future edition of 2022 aims to create an entirely virtual exhibition area reserved for selected Startups.



What is your impact on the future? GECO will host the world of startups that offer innovative solutions and promote sustainability through actions, products and services.

The goal of GECO EXPO is to increase visibility and business networking opportunities for entrepreneurial realities in the growth phase, acting as a connector between them and the audience of investors, incubators and major players participating in the event.

By participating in GECO EXPO you can:

  • present your innovative business project to industry players and participants;
  • get in touch with the numerous investors and sponsors present at the event;
  • organize meetings and business videoconferences;
  • create and customize a virtual stand on the platform;
  • become part of the international network of the startup and innovation world.

Take the opportunity and present your Startup at GECO EXPO: the virtual stand will allow your reality to interact in a unique way with all business partners, increasing your networking, business and development opportunities.

Fill out the form, and receive the participation proposal exclusively dedicated to Startups!

We select legally established startups, through the evaluation of the presentation (PITCH) of a maximum of ten slides in English, inserting a slide with the description of the team.