Have you ever imagined seeing the whole world of tourism as hotels, travel agencies, government agencies, influencers and travel bloggers, scientists and experts of the mobility and energy sector gathered together in one single place?

We created a virtual space to make this happen: GECO!

GECO’s goals are of high impact value:

exhibit new technologies related to sustainability: because having a vision of the future will be able to make us make the leap in quality in improving our lives while respecting our planet.

propose new products and projects related to the world of energy:  approaches to make the most of energy technologies to make infrastructure more efficient in a sustainable way.

enhance the Italian territory: to give a new vision of the Italian market thanks to the contribution of operators in the sector of hospitality structures and the protection of culture and the territory.

raise awareness of the new challenges of mobility: to always find new and unique ways of experiencing our cities thanks to sector experts.

show the new trends in sustainable experiential tourism: traveling respecting the environment and the territory is only possible if united for a common goal.


We believe we can reach them thanks to the knowledge that each of the participants will acquire thanks to GECO, whether as a visitor, as a buyer or as a exhibitor.

In this period of uncertainty that we are experiencing, which is subject to change, GECO is the tool that will allow companies to relaunch themselves because they can’t stop but must continue to intercept their audience in order to ensure a prompt recovery while the pre-covid situation is getting re-established.