Agnese Cecchini

Company name: Gruppo Italia Energia & Canale energia
Job title: Publishing Director

Journalist since 2008, she has been dealing with energy and technologies since 2009. She started with a multidisciplinary experience in cinema, marketing and photography with a degree in Communication Sciences and a Master in Economics. Than she specialized in multimedia journalism.

She contributed in the creation of Canale Energia newspaper – by 2010 – and she has been the editor-in-chief since 2013. In 2013, she also created E7, first magazine dedicated to investigating the energy sector by integrating the various aspects of the smart city theme, she become director in 2015.

Always looking to the new trends in the energy sector, with her magazine publications was the first to introduce topics such as: cybersecurity, microgrids for efficient and sustainable management of primary resources in islands, smart management of water resources, circular economy and blockchain. With the magazine Canale Energia she wanted to bring B2B – core business of her publishing group – to deal with the final consumer, through proposing topics in which energy is the protagonist in everyday life: from costs in the bill, to the choice of appliances and also the impact energy of the food supply chain and tourism.

In 2014 she became the editorial director of Gruppo Italia Energia srl, a role in which she deals with the harmonization of editorial content between the Group’s publications, institutional relations and the development of new activities, without fogetting field activities. In 2018 she founded the “Alliance against energy poverty”.