Camillo Piazza

Company name: Class Onlus
Job title: President

An environmental activist, he was one of the inspirers and organizer of the first environmental events in Italy.

He was a member of the regional board of the environmental association Lega per l’Ambiente, of the national board of the environmentalist association Amici della Terra Italia, regional president of Amici della Terra – Lombardia, national secretary of the Friends of the Earth, President of the environmental volunteer association SpazioAmbiente – Onlus, President of the environmental industrial consortium CO.NA.RI. and General Manager Amici della Terra – Italy.

He has held numerous institutional and administrative positions, he has been a Member of Parliament for the Italian Republic from 2006 to 2008, Vice-President of the Inquiry Commission on the waste cycle and Secretary of the Environment, Territory and Public Works Commission.

He is currently president of CLASS Onlus, the environmental association that coordinates the organization of e_mob – National Electric Mobility Conference, reaching the fourth edition on 2020.