Federica Amelio

Company name: FAI - Fondo Ambiente Italiano
Job title: Content creator / Atleta e-MTB

Federica Amelio is a consultant at the FAI Cultural Affairs Office: she deals with a project to enhance minor Italy and, in particular, the territories surrounding the properties of the Foundation:

  • Creating (interactive) maps with points of interest and itineraries to stimulate FAI visitors to continue their discovery of the territory;
  • Promoting bicycle itineraries, he started a video-story column for FAI’s social channels.

She has a degree in nautical engineering and has sailed around seas of the world. After many horizontal miles, she became passionate about the verticality of mountaineering and climbing.

In 2016 she “converted” to Mountain Bike: after having been Italian downhill champion in 2017 (amateur category), since 2019 she has competed in e-bike (enduro) for the official Haibike team.