Massimo Ciuffini

Company name: National Sharing Mobility Observatory
Job title: Coordinator

Architect – he works as a designer and researcher of sustainable mobility.

He has collaborated in the drafting of numerous mobility plans dealing with the choice and evaluation of the transport infrastructures / systems necessary for the shift from the car towards more sustainable modes of transport. As a designer he deals with infrastructures for alternative mobility (escalators and public elevators, funiculars, parking areas, pedestrian priority areas, pedestrian and bicycle paths) in urban contexts and natural parks.

Among the works carried out, the most significant is the Minimetrò of Perugia, in collaboration with J. Nouvel, and the ascents to the historic center of the Pincetto station, also in Perugia.

Since 2009 he has been carrying out research on behalf of the Foundation for Sustainable Development of which, since 2016, he has held the position of head of the “Sustainable Mobility” area. Also since 2016 he has been the technical coordinator of the National Sharing Mobility Observatory.

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