Roberto Minerdo

Company name: Emoby
Job title: President

With several decades of experience as an entrepreneur and manager in the Energy and Environment sectors, Roberto has held roles of Senior Consultant: (Sorgenia, Cofely, Utopia) and Managerial: direction of institutional relations, communication and marketing of Eviva, and Metaenergia, President of Power Station , General Manager of Unicoenergia, President of Emoby.

National expert in electric mobility, micro-mobility and transport, at the helm of several innovative projects in the field of Smart Cities, sustainable technologies, green and circular economy, he directed the national environment committee of the Confindustria Youth group and held the position of President of the Environment Commission of Confindustria in Liguria.

Author of multiple development projects starting from the sector of innovation applied to sustainable mobility, he has held the position of VP Global Business Development in Hyperloop Italia since the company’s birth, he is President of Moby Health and Emoby in the micro-mobility sector, President of EasyGo Start Up innovative mobility and accessible tourism, Director of Value in Action – Benefit Consortium for the dissemination of sustainability and the culture of CSR.

Performing various tasks as an expert in public communication and lobbying, he has participated in numerous conferences as a speaker on the subject of energy and electric mobility.