Valentino Sevino

Company name: AMAT - Agenzia Mobilita Ambiente e Territorio
Job title: Director of Mobility Planning and Monitoring

Valentino Sevino has a degree in Architecture from the Milan Polytechnic and a Masters in Environmental Engineering (Polytechnic of Turin, Ecole Polytecnique Federale of Lausanne and Université de Savoie Chambery).

He is currently director of the Mobility Planning and Monitoring Area of ​​AMAT, Agenzia Mobilita Ambiente e Territorio, and deals with the planning and implementation of projects and activities concerning Mobility management, shared mobility (car, bike, scooter and kick scooter sharing), sustainable mobility, traffic planning (regulation of traffic and parking, cycling, road safety), planning of local public transport and the management of European, ministerial and regional projects in the transport sector, sustainable mobility and the environment.