Domenico Scialò

Company name:
Job title: Founder

Domenico Scialò, born in Naples in 1982, has a 15 years experience in the sales sector.

Bachelor’s degree in business administration and management of SMEs. Sales Manager for Shell in the petrolium and industrial sector. Professional areas of expertise: sale of industrial products and services, customer acquisition and loyalty, coordination of salespeople through CRM and field coaching with pre-visit coaching to the customer, post-visit feedback.

Founder of, a 100% Italian portal, created in 2018 to promote, preserve and give value to the Italian identity, the local traditions of each destination, of the towns, the cities and the regions, favouring local providers and the tourists that transform from interested spectators into protagonists of the experience.

“The pandemic has made us reflect a great deal on our ties to the global market, pushing us to rethink our tourism sector from A to Z, to take nothing for granted, to get out of our comfort zone, review content, ways of communicating that which is on offer, even and above all in the absence of foreign customers. In a global market, where the products sold and the ways of life proposed are often homogenous and standardized, offers the national and international tourist/traveler the opportunity to learn a skill and engage in an experience that may be carried home and maybe even replicated, and as such, allowing the identity of a destination to become part of the global system.”