Trend of digital and sustainable transformation

30 January

10.00 am Trend of digital and sustainable transformation

Digital technologies of our “ONLIFE” world have a radical impact on our daily life, the environment and the economy: it’s comforting to note how is growing the awareness about how these technologies can and should help us to create a more sustainable present and future – obviously if managed in a conscious and responsible way.

In the round table we will share examples and best practices that transform the actual model from an extractive and predatory of limited natural resources, to a new model based on the circular economy and on the intrinsic possibility of sharing knowledge in an unlimited way.

We will talk about some solutions and tools to: improving the citizens / companies life, limiting the consumption of natural resources, increasing of pollution and effects of climate change. The objective is to create opportunities for more supportive business models and recycling of resources.

The specialists and companies involved in the discussion will allow us to share and compare the different potentials and solutions.

If you want to deepen this theme and look to the future with “the hope of the will”, make this appointment in your agenda and participate in GECO.

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