Paolo Cecchetti

Company name: Ecoman - Ecological Management
Job title: Chief Legal and International Communication

Since 2008 he has been practicing as a lawyer in legal advice for the management of problems environmental and health and safety in the workplace.

Founding partner, and CEO since 2016, of the consulting company Ecoman which provides technical-legal assistance to companies and public bodies on issues of environmental protection, health and safety in the workplace and energy management.

He has worked in various roles as a legal expert within the Ministry of the Environment including: negotiations on
Kyoto Protocol for the fight against climate change, the drafting of the ratification laws of the International Environmental Treaties (MEA Multilateral Environmental Agreements) and he was also the head of the research project “Legal problems related to the international and community development of the legislation on Climate changes in the new structure of the Post Kyoto Protocol ”. He was appointed as UN legal expert on Comparative Environmental Law for legislative assistance to the Government of Ghana and the Croatian Republic on the replacement of ozone-depleting substances.

From 2006 to 2014 he received various academic positions as contract professor of Environmental Law and teacher of I and II level Masters for several Italian universities. Member of various Supervisory Departments 231.