Daniela Berdin

Daniela Berdin

Daniela Berdin

Azienda: Askoll Group- AITMM

Ruolo: Travel Manager - International Ambassador


Travel Manager at Askoll Group, an International Group based in Italy with 11 Companies operating in strategic locations around the world.

Head of International Relations and Ambassador Triveneto Regional Area AITMM, Associazione Italiana Travel and Mobility Manager

I’ve been working in business travel sector for more than 20 years: this is not only my job, it’s my passion! A daily challenge made of competence, empathy, attitude for problem solving, team working, intercultural meetings, enthusiasm, dedication and creativity. Travel & People: these are my daily ingredients and my daily opportunity of growing thanks to the specialization in managing the complexity of business travel and to the relationships with people, the beating heart of my job.

The network created through AITMM is a further occasion of exchanging knowledge and expertise, the feeling that none of us is alone is a great support for colleagues, especially in the pandemic period, who are facing the challenges of the new era of Business Travel & Mobility Management. Being part of AITMM means having the opportunity of attending webinars, meetings, the Annual Convention and, thanks to the earned credits, having the recognition of the role of Travel and Mobility Manager in the professional Register.

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